I and the Bird at Bird Brained Stories

I just got this email from Gwen Calvetti at Bird Brained Stories who is the host of I and the Bird this week. Enjoy!

I had a lot of fun pulling this one together, even working a commercial for the contest being run at the Big Birding Gear Board into the plot. Though I now live in Wisconsin, my Minnesota roots are evident, as I pulled together some excellent bird blogging for your reading pleasure. In addition to many of the regulars, some new faces make their appearance in this addition. From Christmas Bird Counts to unusual life bird sightings to the everyday goings-on of birds and people, it's all here. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The next edition of I and the Bird is scheduled for January 19, hosted by Aydin of "Snail's Tales." Remember to get your submissions to him or Mike of 10000 Birds by the 17th.