KFAN on Saturday Morning

I got a call asking if I would join in on the conversation on KFAN's show FAN Outdoors on Saturday morning at 6:35am. Fortunately it's a call in interview, but gee whiz it would be nice one day to get a radio interview that is after 9am. I'm going to talk about the whole ivory-billed woodpecker business including my search with Cornell, community reactions and some of the oddball stuff popping up as a result of the 2004 sighting. Stan Tekiela will be on as well. He's a regular on this show so I'm honored to be part of it. Maybe Stan and I will get in a huge argument and start calling each other names and putting down each other's birding skills. Not likely, I love the guy too much.

You should check the link to the show's site. If you scroll down to the bottom there is a recipe for "deskunking" your dog. I'm sure there are more than a few of us who have had skunk encounters when birding and could use this recipe.

I called Non Birding Bill today while he was at work to tell him about getting on KFAN and we had a little chat. He asked if I was going to try and go out again and film the snowy owls for an upcoming KARE 11 segment and I told him that no, I was really on a role getting work stuff done, testing out a new stock pot by making soup and putting a dent in the laundry pile (I work from home). We hung up and then ten minutes later the phone rang and it was Non Birding Bill. Here's the conversation:

Birdchick: Hello?

NBB: Did you see your raptor today?

Birdchick: Crap! No, thanks for reminding me, I love you!

NBB: Love you too (chuckle). Goodbye.

Birdchick: Bye.

2:57 pm I hopped in my trusty Saturn wagon and headed for 35W south. 2:51 pm I spotted a red-tailed hawk on a light post. I got off on 46 Street to try and get a photo through my binoculars. After I took the first photo, it looked straight at me and took off--and I was far away. Man, those birds have great eyesight!