Why Can't I Control The Birds?

So, with my travels last month I didn't do much in the way of KARE 11. This month, my dates are a little all over the place, I'll be on tomorrow instead of Monday.

Last winter I got so incredibly spoiled with the great gray owls. A station would call up and say, "Can you take us to see owls?" and I got to the point where I could say, "Sure, no problem." Oh, why did I get so comfortable? I wanted to do tomorrow's segment on the snowy owls at the airport. I forgot what uncooperative photo subjects birds can be. Just because I and everyone else in the Twin Cities can see them on a regular basis, does not make them a sure thing. If I go to the airport with a camera person (or Non Birding Bill) I don't see them. I go on my own and they're perched up no problem. Some day I will control the birds. In the meantime I switched my segment to keeping feeders clean.

I did get a pair of red-tails yesterday on 35W. I would say that this goal of mine is easy cheesy, but cockiness is not my friend when it comes to birds.