Duck Stamp Meeting

Here is the lovely Amber with Sam the light morph great horned owl at KARE 11, yesterday. I made a point to bring a bird with me, it's my last time working with Brad Woodard, he's off to Houston, TX next month. I wanted to bring a bird because he a HUGE animal lover and he's always done such great animal stories (and is such a good time to work with). He will be greatly missed. Although, if he's in Texas I do have a chance to visit him when bird festivals blow me that way.

Today I am off to a duck stamp meeting and how to improve the sales. Why aren't more birders buying duck stamps? We know we should but we aren't. I must say, this is my kind of all day meeting. No being locked in the lower level meeting room in an office building for eight hours. This meeting is at the Minnesota River Valley Headquarters. Finally, a proper place for a meeting.