Owls On The Move - Northern Owl Symposium

Last winter, over 5,000 owls descended on northern Minnesota, setting records and drawing bird enthusiasts from across the country to this region. This March, a weekend symposium celebrating the mystique, natural history, and ecology of northern owls will be held in Duluth, Minnesota. Featuring owls, art, a poster session, and speakers from as far away as Finland, this one of a kind event will appeal to a wide range of owl enthusiasts. Proceeds will be used to further owl research and conservation.

Here is the info on The Northern Owl Symposium going on in Duluth, MN that I talked about on KARE 11 this morning. I wish I could go, but I will be in Nebraska at the Rivers and Wildlife Celebration for Eagle Optics, but if I weren't going out to see 40,000 sandhill cranes and a million snow geese, I would for sure be going to this.

After doing a few emails and blogs posts when I got off the plane yesterday, I was overwhelmed by my whining and decided to go straight to bed. I wasn't doing anyone anyone any good. I had the BEST experience! I woke up naturally at 4:35am, I was at the half way point: I could easily get up and meet the day or snuggle back into Non Birding Bill for two more hours sleep. I went with the latter. I love that, waking up and realizing I can sleep two more hours and easily be up in time to get to The Raptor Center to get the bird with Amber and then do to KARE 11! After so many hours of sleep I feel refreshed and ready to face the week. I sitll have a few moments, so I'm going to listen to Julie's NPR commentary on blogging--I hear ya', babe.