Fringing and Shoes

For those that listened to A Balanced Breakfast this morning, this is the article we were talking about. I'm not opposed to hunting, I would be a falconer if I had the time, but I am opposed to just releasing a bunch of birds somewhere willy nilly without them giving time to understand the area they will be going into and what dangers are there for them. Predators in the northern half of the state are different than the southern half. I also take issue with the turkeys being taken out by "an avian predator". It's rare for a raptor to take a turkey--it would have to be an bald or golden eagle. I think the turkey probably died of some other cause and then an opportunistic raptor ate the carcass.

I did have to giggle, Ian and Margery had no idea that turkeys can be seen in the metro area. I'm sure after our interview and all the people who called in, they will be keeping their eyes pealed.

Last night was the lottery for the Minnesota Fringe Festival, the largest independent theater festival in the United States. It used to be first come, first serve as far as getting a show in the Fringe, but in the last few years there have been more applications than performance spaces so they have enacted a lottery system. Very different from the early days of the Fringe Festival. I remember one year when the Fringe had a show cancel at the last minute and we already were doing a show (Shakespeare's Edward III) and we were asked if we could fill a couple of the open performing slots with Play on Birds (our sketch comedy show about birds, birdwatching and bird feeding). Non Birding Bill's entry was selected last night and he will have a show in the Fringe this summer--woo hoo. He's still working on his show for this summer. He's got one that he's been writing on and off for the last year, but I don't know if he's ready to announce it so I won't mention it too much just yet, so I don't it. My arty husband, I love him so.

In other news, I have caved to peer pressure (as in "all the other cool birders are wearing them, I have to have a pair too") after reading Bill of the Birds' entry about Keen Shoes and purchased a pair of Keen Sandals. I'll be traveling to some warmer spots and I prefer wearing sandals when it's above 60 degrees--I just can't do socks in warm weather. I'm find myself birding in rugged areas and need some quality foot gear. Plus, the Raptor Center now has a policy of "no open toed shoes" and these sandals have a closed toe, yet will be breathable, so I think I can wear them during programs too (Can you tell I'm still trying to justify my purchase? I've never paid this much for a pair of shoes before). I ended up going for the Newport H2 in Plum/Goldenrod. Because it was a sandal and I was purchasing it in Minnesota, I had to wait awhile for the sales person to get it from in back (they pack sandals away in February up here, go figure). And I know I can get shoes cheap at, but I wanted to try on the shoe to make sure I got the right size--I'm glad I did, I'm typically a 7 or 7 and a half. In Keens I'm an 8. I didn't think it was fair to have someone take time to find a shoe that fits me and then not purchase the shoe from their store.

I've never had a shoe with a warranty before...I'm feeling dangerously close to being an adult. The shoe is incredibly comfortable, I think this is going to be a beautiful relationship with my feet.

For those curious, that is my first tattoo in the photo up there, based on a painting called Der Flug by Quint Buchholz. At the time I could only afford five birds--plus it was my first tattoo and I wanted to be conservative. I'm thinking of putting in more birds this summer. You will note that two of the birds are flying like turkey vultures--yes, that was on purpose.