On The Road Again & Bobby Update

I and the Bird is up and running.

Well, blogger is now uploading photos but spell check isn't working--not that it helps me all that much anyway. Non Birding Bill says the typos in my blog proves that it's written by a real person and not just some corporate blog. I'd like to say that the real reason I do it is to get WildBird on the Fly's goat(since she's an editor and gets an odd sort of glee from correcting and editing--one of the many reasons I love her), but in reality, it's just not my forte.

I think the snow is following me. We had a few inches drop in on Monday in Minneapolis and this morning when I was leaving the hotel in Middleton, I saw this out the window:

As I was leaving all the local radio stations were predicting gloom and doom and a snow storm warning all day. I was out of the snow about 80 miles south and everything was mostly brown and dry in Iowa. Word on the street is that a snow storm is hitting Nebraska on Sunday. Sheesh. I'm driving back on Monday, hopefully it will be clear. I'm giving a program on falconry at The Raptor Center on Tuesday morning and I don't want to miss it.

Cinnamon and I saw LOTS of red-tailed hawks, at one point on the trip we passed a red-tailed hawk nest every 8 to 10 miles for 100 miles--it was pretty sweet. I saw my first spring turkey vultures in Iowa and lots of kestrels pairing up.

Part of the fun of travel is all the unique and unusaul things found on the road. I stopped into a bird store in Nebraska and met the biggest cat I've ever seen:

How they keep the cats from eating the other employees, I will never know.

When we were outside of Grand Island, I showed Cinnamon her first snow geese. Then, as we got closer to Kearney, I played the theme to Out of Africa in the iPod. I don't know why, but the wide expanses of the area and the large number of cranes and geese always remind me of that movie. As the John Barry soundtrack swelled, I started saying in a mock Meryl Streep voice, "I had a fahm in Nebwaska..." Cinnamon was not impressed:

I'd like to think that she is so overwhelmed by the thousands of cranes in the field, she had to run to her litter box, but I know that the real message is, "I disapprove of your Meryl Streep impersonation...and your driving."

I had dinner with Bobby Harrison tonight, he's doing well but is very tired from his time in the swamp as well as speaking schedule. We have some new audio of Bobby at Eagle Optics.com about some of the video he has taken. I watched it tonight, and quite frankly, it's more compelling to me as ivory-bill evidence than the Lunneau video. I wonder why Cornell isn't promoting or using it more as part of the ivory-bill research?