Poetic Staff at Rowe Sanctuary

The staff certainly is creative at Rowe Sanctuary in Gibbon, Nebraska. There are little poems all over in the ladies room informing you how to use the facilities. The photo on the left is a warning on the mirror telling you not to abuse the toilet paper except for your "tushies" and "nose". I bet toilet paper would argue that using it in those areas of the body could be considered abusive. What I'm really curious about is the last line reading that the air drier is really all you need for your hand and toes. I've never had a need to towel try my toes in a ladies room. And on the off chance that I'm abnormal and there are legions of women desperate to dry their toes, how the heck do you hold them up to the hand drier? Do you lay on the restroom floor and lift your legs? Eww. The poetry (or should I call it "pooetry"?) didn't end at the mirror. Here is the epic that was on the stall door instructing you how to flush the toilet:

The Toilets From Weird

Though this toilet may look a little queer There really is nothing to worry or fear.

Each button does serve a most wonderful purpose And this is how it works for us.

When the task you do is number one, potty, or pee Push the white and black button is our plea.

But when the duty is poop, poo or a number two The black button is the one for you.

Now this may sound crazy and even insane But it really is very easy to explain.

If liquid is all that needs to be removed Using only half a tank of water is very shrewd.

But for a solid job it is a must To wash it down with a full flush.

And in a small but significant way You have saved some water for another day.