Is There An Ugly View In Utah?

So, I challenged myself to try to find an ugly view in Utah.

Hmmm, wasn't ugly outside my hotel.

It wasn't ugly at Antelope Island. The visit was so beautiful and worth every penny of the $9 entrance fee. I didn't just give up with one glance, I check other places on the island.

It wasn't ugly here either.

Looking out on Salt Lake was beautiful.

I tried taking a photo with dumpsters and semis in (perhaps that was cheating) but it was still pretty. Utah: 4, Birdchick: 0.

Even a road to nowhere was beautiful. How long can Utah keep this up?

Even with a storm coming in, the landscape was still breathtaking. This was outsde of Golden Spike National Historic Site. My eyes were getting exhausted at this point. I don't know why I went to the historic site. I think because my father used to really be interested in trains, and he specifically talked about the Jupitor and the Union Pacific. The Jupitor being his favorite, so I figured since I was so close I should see the site that symbolized connecting the west and east. Here is a view of the site right before the final railroad tie was put in place:

Here is a photo of the same area today:

Sometimes I think it's easy to get caught up in all the things going wrong with the environment and conservation. Driving around Utah reminded me that we do occasionally get things right.

Here is the spot where they drove in the final and historic golden spike that linked the transcontinental railroad.