Waiting for a Plane

I'm in Denver having lunch and waiting for my connecting flight to Minneapolis. It's cold, I could see my breath when I got off the plane. I'm excited to be heading to warmer temperatures. I'm eating at a pretty good restaurant for an airport, called Jimmy's. The tomato bisque soup is tasty.

Well, after the previous entry, I feel the need to cleanse. So I offer incredible sculpture. His name is Greg Woodard.

That's Greg with his peregrines chasing teal stature at the Bear River Visitor's Center. When I first came in and saw it, I thought to myself, "This guy HAS to be a falconer. No one else could know the bird's body like that, especially in a dive." Here's an upclose of one of his peregrine statues. They were having a showing of his work at the local art museum.

I love it, he really captures a peregrine in mid-hunt. Turns out he is a master falconer and currently flies (when it's in season) a gyrfalcon.

This life size golden eagle going in for a hare (or should I saw hair--har har) was unbelievable. If I were a woman of unlimited means I would have this in my apartment. Cinnamon might disapprove, but after the report I got this morning from Non Birding Bill, she could use a little reminder to behave:

"Your rabbit is a big ol' bunny butthead. Her new gig is digging in her litter box. Not a terribly big deal, except for this morning, when I found out she was kicking the litter out of the box when she was digging. What's she looking for? Truffles?"

Oh, dear. Obviously, she's missing me and is acting out. NBB has been known to do similar things when I'm away.

I leave you with one last amazing statue by Greg. The actual statue is a life sized golden eagle sitting on a railroad tie looking to the west and it's supposed to be symbolic or something (you can see the whole stature on the cover page of his site). I think I missed that, all I saw was an eagle who just saw something move that looks edible.

Man, this guy knows his raptors.