Quick and Dirty Entry

Some things you may not realize about the famous Chet Baker from just reading about him on the internet:

Chet is a lot smaller in person than he seems over the internet, and fits most comfortably in your lap. That is Non Birding Bill above sitting with Chet. If you have not checked Bill of the Birds and Julie's entries, they are confirming that NBB (above) is an NB. This is the only time NBB has ever visited or hung out with any of my birding pals. And it's all because of Chet. He would not be in this part of Ohio were it not for the chance to meet the internet's cutest Boston terrier.

Chet's fur is a lot browner in person. If he looks a tad remorseful in this photo, it's because he's just been scolded for rolling in something stinky and no longer smells like chocolate covered cherries.

Chet is not used to entertaining guests all day long. He usually spends his days napping unless Julie goes for a walk and then sleeps soon afterwards. However, during our stay he has been bending backwards to keep Non Birding Bill entertained while all the birders enjoy the outdoors. I think he will be happy to finally sleep once we leave. He looks so tired, poor puppy!

Chet NEVER disapproves, no matter how we try and bribe him with treats.

"I don't approve of that!"

I've been having a blast here (it's like my own personal Sharon camp), something new to explore around every corner from trillium, to newts, to birds, birds, birds and more birds! Today I set out the NovaBird Camera hoping to get a towhee but got something even better: a field sparrow, it totally made my month:

Some chipping sparrows also showed up:

Speaking of sparrows, any guesses on who made this nest and laid these eggs?

This will be identified in the next entry.

Non Birding Bill has found a companion in Bill and Julie's youngest, Liam. Here they are at the computers, my little Mac Boys: