Where The Heck Is The Birdchick?!?!

Sorry for the lack of updates for the last few days. I went from being out in the sticks with Bill and Julie and having internet access to the small town of Mansfield in northern Ohio with hardly any internet access--I thought Panera Breads were everywhere. Anyway, we have found some momentary access before boarding our plane home and I promise lots of updates within the next twenty four hours...then it's off to Utah on Wednesday. Sheesh.

NEST ID: I am so sorry to promise to id a nest and then not post for four days--such guilt over a blog. The nest and eggs in the previous entry belong to a song sparrow. Bill found the nest in his yard while we were filming a segment.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and a note to those who may have sent me an email in the last four days expecting a reply: if you don't get that expected reply by this Thursday, please resend it. My inbox is still downloading mail and it's at 134...135...136...you get the picture.

I am told by our pet sitter that we are in for some major disapproval. Cinnamon has chewed through her bunny gate that restricts her access to mischief in our apartment. She must have found out about visiting Chet.

So, what does a birdchick do in Mansfield, Ohio without hot birding spots and internet access--she takes up Sodoku--and starts referring to herself in the third person (somebody slap me). I am a major puzzle junkie anyway--I have to really restrict myself around cryptograms, but without any kind of mental stimulation, I was weak and picked up a couple of books on Soduoku and can't put them down. It's a sickness, I need help. Fortunately, it's spring migration so I think I can kick this cold turkey...so to speak.

I did get some sort of birding in. I got the following "lifer" this morning: