Ratch A Fratch Er Frick A Frack

The title of this entry makes little sense unless you read it with a Yosemite Sam voice.

Cinnamon has chewed an almost escape-sized hole through the bunny gate (left). She has grunted at any efforts to give her a treat. She is very cross and is doing nothing to help my current mood. Meanwhile, Kabuki the cockatiel is angrily ringing the bell in his cage to alert me of his displeasure over our absence.

A half hour ago Non Birding Bill and I exited our airport cab and noticed that our trusty Saturn was nowhere to be seen. We live in a metro area and park on the street with little to no problems and should have seen it outside of our apartment building. I always tend to choose sensible cars like minivans and station wagons because no teenager wants to steal one of those and go joy riding.

Where was our car: either it was stolen or towed. I hoped for the latter as opposed to the former and to some relief that is exactly what has happened. I'm not sure why it was towed, there were no snow emergencies while we were gone. People often park for a week or more in the same spot so I don't think that was the reason, I wonder if our alarm went off and annoyed neighbors? Who can say. I'm a tad irritated but relieved that it wasn't stolen. Better to at least know where it is. NBB is picking it up right now. I'll be curious to learn what he found out about the towage.