Towage and Mansfield Signage

We learned the reason why the trusty Saturn was towed. We left on Wednesday morning. On Thursday morning, the city cleaned the streets and we didn't see the signs since we were gone. I'm sure we could fight it, but it would cost more money to fight it than to pay the $218 to get it home. GRRRRRRR.

So, to lighten the mood, I'm inluding some of the interesting signage that can be found around the fair town of Mansfield, Ohio:

Holy cow, if this is a problem, what's going to happen if the city decides to put a smoking ban into effect? This was on the door to a family restaurant where we had breakfast. I think it's a reasonable request.

This was advertised on a sign outside of Porky's Drive In. Perhaps Mega Pot is the reason the folks in Mansfield are so friendly? Incidentally, there was no request for customers using oxygen tanks to not smoke.