In Transit

Non Birding Bill, Cinnamon and I are in transit from Indiana to Minnesota. I will upload more Hoosier stories on Tuesday--and then it is off to Detroit Lakes Minnesota, where NBB and I will be performing Play on Birds. We were rehearsing some new sketches yesterday and kept cracking each other up. I hope that's a good sign. In the meantime, I leave you with some sights seen on our trip:

Hopefully this is the only trailer with out a number.

This was on a sign at a Chick-Fil-A. I couldn't fit in the large headline "Innovative!" I just love how this little girl is in total awe of a waffle fry. Oh sure, they are tasty, but to be in awe of its innovaiton might be a little much.

The last, but certainly not least is a series of signs brought to us by (and this is their spelling not mine) Guns Save Who thought of that title, Mongo from Blazing Saddles? Here was my personal favorite poem:

Tested In Peace
Proven In War
Guns In The Home
Even The Score

Not to be outdone by:

When Gun Control
Has Us Beat
Criminals Will
Own The Street