Rainy, Dreary and BRRRRRR

The weather is kind of crap here in Indianapolis. I found a fledging robin outside of Mom's condo. What bummer weather to learn to fly in!

We went to Eagle Creek Park yesterday and didn't do too much birding because it's cold, rainly and drizzly. I was going to do some, but Mom really wasn't prepared for the cold. We did get a great tour of the Nature Center when we first arrived. A volunteer named Kevin showed up some of the education birds they use. In conversation, Kevin and I learned we had a connection, the crew from Eagle Creek got their training in housing and using raptors for education at The University of Minnesota's Raptor Center where I do programs. They have some great programs birds at Eagle Creek including a turkey vulture, a saw-whet owl and a red-tailed hawk. All of their ed birds were in great feather condition, which is a sign that their handlers work well with them and keep them in good housing so the birds don't trash their feathers.

Kevin took a lot of time telling us where to look for birds and even though Mom and I were out that long we did see a northern parula, orchard oriole and Forster's tern. I love going out with my Mom, she's not that much of a birder, so pishing REALLY impresses her. If the weather is nice, we might go out for the bird walk that happens every Sunday at 9am. Hopefully I'll get some better bird photos. It's been too messy to even put out the NovaBird camera. Actually, I could put it out, the birds are so drenched, I just don't want to put pictures of them looking like that on the internet.

Today we are going to my sister Terri's graduation. She's such a type A personality, she even decorated her own party. Non Birding Bill and I were half tempted to go out and buy some decorations and redo it in our own special, tacky way, but we would like to head back to Minneapolis without broken bones.