Cute Overload

Who knew? Disapproving Rabbits showed up on Cute Overload. I would say Cinnamon would be proud, but she disapproves of her disapproval being considered cute.

I'm getting a ton of email so far. My favorites include:

1. Shhhh…I don’t want Cinnamon to hear….

(whispering) How can you unleash such terrifying powers on the world? Have you no conscience? Have you no scru……OH NO!!! She heard me.



2. Uncanny looks. I like your captions. However, since I found you by link at, I'm sort of skeptical of your sanity... Heehee.

3. OMG OMG OMG….I can’t take the bunny disapproval, another fatality……

And I thought I was a good disapprover. Your bunnies are way out of my league, practicing, preparing…..dedicated pros.

Thanks so much for these, and please send more.

Okay, this seriously is my last post, I have to catch my plane. FYI, I just showed the starlings vs a tree from the previous post to the bar at the Indy Airport and they all think it's totally cool. Of course, they aren't drinking water like I am.