Family Fun Night at the Raptor Center

My segment on Showcase Minnesota is about Family Fun Nights going on at The Raptor Center.

Here's the info from TRC:

Family Fun Nights
Thursdays, July 13, July 20, July 27, and August 3, 2006
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
The Raptor Center
1920 Fitch Avenue
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Come join the fun! Ever wonder what turkey vultures eat? What happens to an injured raptor? What is falconry? Learn all this and more at Family Fun Nights at The Raptor Center. Arrive early to observe raptor feeding time, then take a guided tour of our facility and participate in hands-on learning activities related to eagles, owls, hawks, and falcons. Each night has a different exciting topic!
To register, call 612-624-9753.

July 13: Falcons and Falconry
Learn about the exciting and ancient sport of falconry and its impact on our world today. Meet live hawks and falcons and join specialists from The Raptor Center as they entertain you with falconry stories from years past and discuss current raptor training techniques and critical conservation issues that face today’s birds of prey.

Hey kids! Bring in an original piece of poetry about falcons and/or falconry to win a fantastic Raptor Center prize!

July 20: Wonder and Wizardry of Owls

TRC staff will dispel some of the mysteries about owls: Can they really see in the dark? Turn their heads all the way around? Do they make good mail carriers? Find out more about owls and the species native to Minnesota and meet TRC’s education owls!

Come dressed up as your favorite owl. The best costumes will win a prize from The Raptor Center.

July 27: Eagle Tales

Eagles hold a special place in American Indian culture as well as in the hearts of all Americans. Meet TRC’s resident eagles and listen to a storyteller for the Mdewakanton Indian Community of Mendota share legends and lore about eagles and the mysterious thunderbirds.

Hey kids! Bring in your best drawing/artwork of an eagle to win a super Raptor Center prize!