A Much Needed Cleansing Post

Okay, I need something pretty and birdy to recover from this morning--what better than one of the Larry Sirvio's red-headed woodpecker photos. Breathe in the woodpecker, breath out. Breathe in the red-headed woodpecker, breathe out. Haaaaaa. Cleanse. Better.

So, remember when I mentioned that Larry had one heck of a photo for bird id? Here it is:

First correct answer gets a copy of Pete Dunne's GISS book (stop giggling you!). It's called Pete Dunne's Essential Field Guide Companion and it's a great book to help you increase your identification skills based on General Impression Size and Shape. I haven't had a chance to really sit down and review it (the book I'm giving away is a spare, not the one I intend to review). After a quick skim, I must say that I love the descriptive folk names Pete comes up with such as: The Pallid Grinning Longspur.

Although, if you can id this bird, maybe you don't need Pete's book. Maybe I should give the prize to the worst answer. No! It will go to the first correct answer.

I'll watch for the correct answer in the comments section.