Speaking of Cleansing

For those who might want a follow up to my grisly post this morning, here it is:

Boy howdy if the guys from At Home Apartments got the place fairly cleaned up. You can tell it was a hasty paint job, but at least now instead of the stairwell smelling like blood, it smells like paint and Pinesol.

All the local stations are reporting on it, although the details are a little different in each story.
Star Tribune

The weird thing is that when we got home from work, two news stations were still parked out in front of the building, KSTP and FOX 9. I'm not sure why they needed to be in front of our building since it was all cleaned up, but there they were taking up parking spaces.

Here's what seems to have happened as I understand it. At least two (maybe three) guys got in our building and then forced their way into an apartment on third floor. The intruders had a gun and the guy living in the apartment grabbed his roommate's sword and tried to fight of the attackers. The attackers fled the scene and eventually went to the emergency room where they were apprehended.

My mom, of course wants us to move out tonight. I tried to calm her fears by saying, "Hey no one was murdered, the worst that happened is that someone lost some digits." That didn't work. I also tried to point out what others have said in the comments that a sword fight in an apartment building really is a fluke and a once in a lifetime event. She's not buying it.