Birds are a Movin'

This came in yesterday from Hawk Ridge on the Minnesota Bird Listservs:

A substantial movement of birds occurred at Hawk Ridge on August 22, with 241
birds banded. This is the first significant migration of birds since
operations started on August 4th. Sixteen warbler species comprised the bulk
of birds banded, with highlights being a Connecticut and 2 Bay-breasted
warblers. Additionally, the first Brown creeper and second Slate-colored junco
added to the early season diversity.

Red crossbills continue to be observed nearly every day. The vast majority of
birds appear to be moving south, although, an occasional flock has been
observed heading north. Many of these flocks have ranged from 15 to 30 birds,
with a couple 40+ flocks.

Dave Grosshuesch

Hawk Ridge Bird

I am experiencing some migration right now. I am supposed to be tucked away and writing in a gazebo where there is no internet or bird feeders to distract me...but there is a big mountain ash tree right outside the kitchen window and it is chock full of birds eating the berries. Last night it was all robin action but now every time I look up it's a new bird: red-eyed vireo, rose-breasted grosbeak, ovenbird, redstart, Nashville warbler...must fight temptation...must...tear away from...internet and birding...must go to gazebo...and write...urg...