Oopsie or Bold Ad Campaign?

While thumbing through the latest issue of Living Bird put out by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, this full page ad by Wild Bird Chow caught my attention:

So, on the left we have a blue tit usually seen in Great Britian and on the right we have an American goldfinch, typically seen in the eastern half of the United States. Underneath is the headline "Birds of Different Feathers will Flock Together". I am wondering if the idea is that Wild Bird Chow is so awesome tasting that birds from across the Atlantic will fly over to eat this wonderous mix or if it was a matter of someone in the art department doesn't know a thing about birds and just picked two pretty birds with colors that compliment each other. If it's the former, why put that in the Lab of Ornithology publication that hard core birders love to read--why not put that ad in Reader's Digest where people aren't thinking about bird accuracy? Blue tits aren't migratory, if you see one in the United States like I did last year, it's more than likely an escapee.

Wild Bird Chow, what were you thinking? Perhaps this was even a more clever ad campaign to put two birds together that you would never see and then get bloggers like me to talk about it, further spreading the word about their brand of bird seed...