Birder's World Revamp

I am having a tough time concentrating today--I'm going to Cape May tomorrow! Must focus, must pack, must finish up work loose ends...

I've always thought of Birder's World Magazine as kind of the Playboy version of all the bird publications. Yeah, we all say we read the articles, but we're really just looking at the photos. In the next issue, the December 2006 you will see a somewhat revamped magazine design wise. You can still count on the spectacular photos--and they are holding strong to that by showcasing some of the top photos of the last 20 years (including my favorite of a brooding killdeer that looks like it has multiple feet). All of these changes look to me to be gearing BW to be more inclusive for all birding levels.

The new cover design is supposed to make it easier to locate the magazine on the shelf at book stores. Non Birding Bill really likes it, but I didn't see that much of a difference. He felt the "birder's" was much more prominent than the previous design. I argued that the reason the magazine is hard to find at book stores is that when people go to by a magazine for travel or when they are sick, they gonna reach for the gossip and glamour type magazines and those are always up front. Maybe that's what birding magazines are missing: gossip columns and make up tips, ie:

A certain female finch was spotted canoodling with a particularly pink male that was not her selected mate--who happens to be on the orange side if you know what I mean. To make matters worse, I have it on good authority that one of the eggs in the nest is a cowbird. Will these star-crossed lovers muddle their way through the mating season?

Hot Birder Make Up Tip: Bare Minerals makeup is the best at holding up and keeping lady birders looking fresh on those pelagic trips. It will also help keep that pesky zit at the end of your nose from creeping up on rainy days while watching for prairie chickens.

Look Ten Pounds Lighter: Lady Birders--ditch the fanny packs! Male Birders--don't pull your pants up past your rib cage!

I digress, I do like the bullet points and more user friendly look of the id Tips section. I like how the key features are pointed out right on the photo. It makes you feel like you have a chance of telling those brown birds apart and it's not just photos with a mountain of text. That is a good change.

It's nice to see that some things never change, like the classic pose of a birder jauntily carrying his scope and Kenn Kaufman in a blue shirt. Keep your eye for the new issue and if you've never picked up a Birder's World before, the December issue is a good way to get acquainted.