Calling All Disapproving Rabbits!

no approve.jpg

So, you think your critter has what it takes to be a disapproving rabbit? Disapproving Rabbits has grown to beyond Cinnamon's capability of doing it all. The demand for disapproval is filling my email box on a daily basis, so I'm opening up the door to other bunnies. Cinnamon has always resisted this, but she has finally come to understand that this is bigger than her.

Submission guidelines are here. Not all photos will be published, as Cinnamon demands final approval for all disapproval...If your photo does not show up, it's not you, it's her. Photos will show up on either Cinnamon's blog or the Disapproving Rabbits pages.

If you feel you have other critters besides bunnies that disapprove, feel free to send those along too.