Bird Watcher's Digest + birdPod

Bird Watcher's Digest (BWD) and birdPod have united to deliver downloadable Florida bird songs and photographs from BWD is America's favorite bird-watching publisher, and birdPod is the hottest bird identification tool for the extremely easy-to-use Apple iPod.

Florida birdJam, the innovative new download of 77 Florida bird songs and photos is a companion to BWD's popular "Florida Bird Watching: A Year-Round Guide" published by Cool Springs Press. The definitive bird songs and vivid photography will help even casual bird watchers quickly identify what they are seeing and hearing.

Bill Thompson, III, editor of BWD, says, "We are delighted to be the first publisher to deliver birdPod bird songs and photographs for easy, fast and economical download from our website. As thousands of bird watchers head to Florida, they can download bird songs and photos to their iPods to study before they arrive, and then use them when visiting birding hotspots throughout the state."

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