What's Up With Rhode Island?

I'm heading out to Rhode Island for a day next week for some birding related training. I thought I would check and see if there are any bird related stories going on. I found one about a Beagle Club that's in trouble for getting rid of raptors on their property that were supposedly eating the rabbits that were meant for the beagles (getting rid being the use of poisons, guns and leg-hold traps).

The other story was about a family that is being "forced" to leave Rhode Island and move to Montana because of roosting vultures (because, you know, they have so few vultures in Montana). You can watch a video of the man who comes off as a big whiny-pants at CNN. I really do try to be understanding of people who don't know very much about birds, but really it's not hundreds of roosting vultures, it's dozens. He's the only one really complaining about them, the other neighbors don't really care (of course, it's not as much fun to give screen time to people who are reasonable). If you watch the CNN clip, you can see an old man at the end asking who would want to live in such a place, who would bring their family to that neighborhood...ME! Alas, Non Birding Bill is not moving to Rhode Island.