Ice and Cormorant Fishing

Yesterday morning it was in the 50 degree range with a thunderstorm. The rain was thorough and it was just chilly enough to feel like it was 30 degrees when you were wet. This morning it was in the 20s and tonight at some point it's supposed to get down to 6 degrees. Br.

But that kind of cold weather means that it's time to turn the park near our building into an ice rink. Yes, in warm weather it's a place for Cinnamon to frolic:


And in cold weather the parks people bring out the sprinkers:


Which gradually begins to create a layer of ice...

ice.jpg make our park an ice rink. This is the very early stages of our ice rink being formed. Every year I keep meaning to learn to ice skate and take advantage of it. Maybe this winter I will finally take up that challenge. It is fun to watch hokey games from our kitchen window.

In looking through my mountainous blog potential file, I did find this interesting vacation you can take. It's very unique and good compromise for the couple that is one half birder and one half fisherman:


Cormorant Fishing! You can read more about it here.