Gigantic Disapproving News!

We interrupt the coverage of the Rio Grande Valley Bird Fest for a special announcement.

First, remember the Disapproving Rabbits Shirt idea? You can view the graphic here. The caption will read "Nope. No, sir, I don't approve." and the back will have on it.

The shirts are brown Hanes Beefy T-shirts and available in mens or womens sizes and will retail for $15 plus shipping and handling. Before I order, I need to get an idea of what people will want. Can you either leave the number of shirts you plan to order in the comments section or email me privately at sharon at birdchick dot com. Please note sizes. I don't want to go crazy Broadway-style when I order but I don't want to run out of shirts for people who are planning to give them as holiday gifts. I plan on placing the order over the coming weekend. I will order some extras.

And since Lynne brought it up as a suggestion in the comments section, I have other very super exciting news. Harper Collins has offered to turn Disapproving Rabbits into a book that hopefully will be out next fall. It will not be just Cinnamon...which she is not happy about:

"What do you mean I'm not the only one in the book?"

I am on a quest to photograph 200 some odd bunnies disapproving of various things over the next few months. What a way to make a living! Who knew this would happen when I started this site? I sure didn't know. I can remember when Non Birding Bill and I were kicking around ideas for this site and I said that I wanted a page of Disapproving Rabbits. He said I was crazy and no one would get it, especially since it was a bird site. I said that I didn't care as long as one person just happened to find it on a lunch break and got a chuckle out of it, that was enough for me. Who knew this would happen.

The poor editor at Harper Collins got an earful when he made the offer. I was so excited and disbelieving I unleashed a huge amount of profanity uncontrollably. Looking back, I'm a tad embarrassed by my lack of decorum, good thing Cinnamon wasn't there. I'm not sure I would have survived that disapproval.

Speaking of disapproving, NBB has added another page of disapproval.

Anyone out there have a gaggle of bunnies for me to photograph?