Minnesota Light Morph Red-tails

When I was coming back from Texas, word was spreading of a very light colored hawk in the southern end of the Twin Cities. Scott Shultz, inventor of the Squngee sent me photos of it the day before it broke on the birding nets:

Here's the beauty in flight. This is more than likely a Krider's red-tail--a light variation in plumage, but not a separate species.

Notice the striping on the tail?

Also, can you see the yellow eye--this is a passage bird (bird hatched this past spring. When it molts into adult plumage, the tail will probably be a cream color. We have a Krider's that you can see at The Raptor Center named Casper. I wish I had a cool photo to show you, but the bird is a tad high strung.

The bird has been seen around I 35W and Black Dog Lake and around the Mall of America.
Cool photos, Scott.