WildBird on the Fly

For the record, Amy of WildBird on the Fly is a fantastic baker. She almost always comes to bird festivals with fresh baked cookies. I love to eat them and many think I share rooms with her at bird festivals out of frugality or even because I enjoy her company, but really I'm just using her for cookies.

That said, sometimes birding gets the better of me and if I'm having a good birding moment, I might go to extreme measures to keep it going. Below is a video of the laughing gulls eating from my hand from the minivan window in South Padre Island. I think I originally called this wild birds on the fly eating WildBird on the Fly's cookies. The quality on Google Video isn't the best, but I don't have to pay for the bandwidth. It looks super cool and ethereal on my computer and I took it with a Nikon P4. It's about a minute and a half and it's incredible to watch how quickly they fly down and snarf the cookie bits.