Come Fly With Me

I was going over all my scheduled appearances for early 2007 and boy howdy am I all over the place! If you want to come on some trips with me or even see Cinnamon, check the list below. This will be added to the appearances page soon:

January 12 - 14, 2007 Bird Watch America
This is only open to people who either work for a wild bird specialty store or who sell birding related merchandise. On Friday, January 12 is a Retail Workshop and I am the lunch speaker/entertainment. Saturday I will be working the WingScapes booth and scoping out new and exciting bird related products.

January 18, 2007 Just A Show
Disapproving Rabbits Interview
Well, it had finally happened: I'm going to my first tv interview for Disapproving Rabbits. This is a variety program on cable in Minnesota and is avialable to watch on the show's website and as a video podcast on iTunes. Cinnamon of course will be on and it will be interesting to see how she reacts to tv. Years ago when I first had her, I took her and Latte on KARE 11 for a "Don't Buy A Bunny For Easter Segment" and it was touch and go. We had just gotten her though, now she is quite used to me. I'm sure she will steal the show. As more details come available I will post them in the blog.

January 28, 2007 The Raptor Center Owl Prowl
1pm - 2:30pm
This is a one hour-ish presentation on Minnesota owls that will use both a PowerPoint and The Raptor Center's Education birds. Bring your camera and be prepared to learn a little natural history about owls, cool facts, how to find them and some of the most reliable place for finding owls in Minnesota. Contact The Raptor Center for details and pricing. Contact The Raptor Center for pricing and details (this event almost always sells out, I would strongly recommend making reservations).

February 10, 2007 Staring Lake Sax Zim Trip
7am - 5pm
I'm so excited, Stan Tekiela of Staring Lake Nature Center asked if I would help out on this day trip to look for great gray owls, magpies, gray jays, boreal chickadees, eagles, rough-legged hawks and other boreal specialties. I believe we are going up in two vans so the group will be small and you'll get lots of individual attention and a great time. Stan is knowledgeable about trees, wildflowers, mammals, photography, astronomy so chances are good that you will go home having learned something new and having seen some super cool birds. Contact Staring Lake for more details and to make reservations.

March 22 - 25, Cranes in Nebraska
4 Day Trip
Again, I'm heading out for Starling Lake Nature Center this time to one of my favorite bird destinations: Nebraska! This is a great trip to see thousands of sandhill cranes, prairie chickens, western meadowlarks, and some great ducks like pintails and teal, greater-white fronted geese, snow geese, eagles, harriers, red-tails and maybe even a ferruginous hawk (not a guarantee but I have seen them there in the past hanging around the prairie dog towns). It's a spiritual experience watching the cranes take off at dawn to feed or to come in to roost at dusk. I'm not sure if Stan is coming on this one, but everyone I've taken to Nebraska in the past has had a blast--even Cinnamon. Contact Staring Lake for pricing and details.

I have more coming in April. One is a trip to go watch woodcocks display and then Cleveland Metroparks just booked me for an event as well. More details on those as they are solidified.