Suet Marketing

One of my favorite flavors of suet to offer birds is Woodpecker Treat put out by C and S. It's getting harder to find, the bird stores don't always have it so sometimes I have to go to some place like Home Depot (every now and then those big box stores get it right). It's a nice mixture of mixed nut chuncks and suet and isn't overloaded with millet and corn like other flavors.

On the last suet cake I bought, I was struck by the advertising on the package (note above). Best Wild Bird Acceptance? That was the best marketing could come up with? Acceptance? I'm going to start telling that to Non Birding Bill. "Honey, you are so acceptable. You are best wife acceptance." Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I've seen that translation in a Stephen Chow movie subtitle.

Comparitavely, the birding industry is very young, but sometimes marketing like that just makes me shake my head. What were you guys thinking?

Other possibilities:

Feeder tested, woodpecker approved!
Hot pick for peckers!
Birds find this super tastey!

Or how about a cheesy retooling of Fergilicious:

Woodpecker Treat is Birdilicious:

It's birdalicious (so delicious)
My feeders stay vicious
I be up in the vats just working on my mixtures
He's my witness (fee bee)
I put yo' birds on rock rock
And they be lining down the block just to chirp at what I got (four, tres, two, uno)