Don’t Ask A Bunny To Help Make Cookies

"No, I didn't rip open the bag of flour. Why do you ask?"

It was my own fault, I should have put the groceries away quicker.

"Here, you better let me test one more spoonful of pumpkin before it goes into the cookie dough."

The recipe only called for half a can of pumpkin so I spoon fed the leftover to Cinnamon. It's odd, she doesn't care for squash when I'm cutting it up before I cook it, but as soon as it's soft and mushy, she cannot get enough.

"I love pumpkin, I demand more!"

Her little bunny lips are orange from eating so much pumpkin! She was a little taken aback when I took this photo, I had just taken the can and spoon away.

"Oh, Mom, why did I eat so much? Urp."

And, there is a new page of disapproval up.