Colors on a Cloudy Day

"Hello. I am a male cardinal. You may admire me now."

In Minneapolis, we have a 72% chance of having a white Christmas (at least an inch of snow). This year is pretty darned gray and brown. When we had those few days of subzero temperatures last week I was a little bitter. It's hard to take serious cold without the clean look of snow and feeling it crunch beneath your toes. Yesterday it just drizzled a good portion of the day and was blah. That's when I'm grateful for the birds. Here are some more images that I captured with the WingScapes camera:

Here's a female cardinal that doesn't look as cantankerous as the one from yesterday. She does have some rich autumn tones.

Rock pigeons may not be most glamorous birds on the planet, but they put on an impressive display of purple on a gloomy day.

And the obvious showy male cardinal, always a crowd pleaser.