The Bitter Irony Of Disapproving Rabbits

So, my editor at Harper Collins wanted us to work on getting a photo of Cinnamon for the cover of the Disapproving Rabbits book. While he agrees that Cinnamon is generally awesome (smart man and quite possibly a masochist) the cover photo needs to have a light background and no clutter--it's a design issue.

We don't have much in the way of light walls in the apartment: our living room is red, the bedroom is purple, the kitchen is white-ish but full of appliances and Cinnamon isn't allowed in there anyway. So, we took the back of a comforter and set up a mini studio in the living room. Cinnamon wanted none of it. She kept hopping away and after the third time we picked her up and set her in front of it she grunted--a big sign of bunny annoyance. I thought, okay Cinnamon is really annoyed and we'll get some fantastic disapproval shots...

Okay, we were going for the most intense bunny disapproval but she almost looks like she's grinning.

We wanted anger and to be properly put in our place and she looks like she's serenely imagining her happy place on a beach.

Okay, here she just looks down right jovial! Apparently when a rabbit is really irritated, they tense up their little faces making it look like the are happy and content. When we finally gave up and let her hop away to her play area, we got this:

Relaxation leads to proper disapproval.