Fat Birder 500

The Fat Birder Top 500 Birding Websites has finally exceeded the 500! When I first signed up to Fat Birder I don't think there were even 250 sites listed. I remember mentioning to Non Birding Bill that I wanted to add Birdchick to the list and he was leery. I can get overly obsessive about rankings. I'm no longer privy to my stats page because I get too involved with it over silly things like "Yesterday I had 5 visits from Seychelles and today only 2! What's wrong, why aren't they reading today?"

Anyway, my expectations with my ranking have been far exceeded and I thank everyone who takes time from their day to read about birds or my disapproving rabbit.

While looking at the new additions today, I came across Kids for Birds. It's for New Zealand but still a great idea.