Changing Peckers and Demonic Deer

I was downloading photos from the WingScapes Camera yesterday--FYI the batteries are working just fine in sub zero weather. One of the fun parts of having a motion sensitive camera is watching the story picture by picture when you are downloading what's on the camera. The above photo is part of a series of a downy woodpecker eating suet off of the wall of my apartment building. There were about five photos of her and the suddenly she turned into a hairy woodpecker. We tried to recreate it in the above photo.

Arg! Creatures of the Night! Demonic Deer and a bat. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

WingScapes is part of Moultrie which makes the best selling game cam on the market. They are fun, they help take photos of what's going on in your yard at night. One of their cameras took this photo--check it out, it got a bat. I'm not good with bat species, anyone have and idea what species it is?