Odds and Ends

For all those avian podophiles out there, reader Dea sends this cool link to site about bird feet.

I had to kind of bar myself from the blog yesterday. I love doing the blog so much, it can be a worse distraction than cable television. What fun to root around on the web for odd and obscure bird stuff. But work calls and so I put a mini ban on posting to the blog until I'm finished.

One of the projects I'm working on is some text for new lobby signs at The Raptor Center. I took home some of the sample designs to give me an idea of how much text. Cinnamon was quick to look it over.

And chew it. Working out some pent up frustration against the raptors there my little bunny butthead?

This starling about sums up my attitude at the moment. Both the starlings and the pigeons have taken to just sitting on my window ledge, not feeding but soaking up the sun in the cold weather. The bird looks like it's thinking, "Damn, it's cold."

I have become such a lazy lima bean since the weather has taken a turn for sub zero and single digit temperatures. Ever since the day after Christmas I had been on a good track of eating lots of fruits and vegetables and exercising regularly. I even joined the Beat the Punnetts team for Get Fit Twin Cities. I walked to the Y and then worked out, I was even walking to the local grocer instead of driving--that has all changed with the sudden dip in temperature. I love cold, but once my boogers freeze when I inhale (that's not an exaggeration), I prefer to just hole myself up in my home. Word on the radio is that I should enjoy the temps now, Friday it's getting even colder. I have to get out today and exercise...and pick up a roasting hen for some hardy soup.