Hard-core Bunny Naughtiness

Some time ago Cinnamon had started working on a hole on the toddler gate to the rabbit room. This is where we keep Cinnamon at night or when we are not home to make sure she stays out of the kitchen and doesn't chew on chords. It's a large closet with two doors, that we ventilate. She has plenty of room to hop around and there's even a second Cottontail Cottage for her to hide out in.

But that is never enough.

We placed a wooden board in front of the hole along with a storage tin to block her efforts. The other day I heard a shuffling sound and some scratching as if she were trying to dig her way out of the room. I realized she was scratching on the wooden board, something she does when she wants out or attention. I was busy working on a deadline and didn't have time to keep a close eye on her, so I left her in the rabbit room until I was finished. The shuffling became more insistent and I peered around the couch to find this scene:

Yes, she had pushed away the board and the tin just enough to squeeze through. As I grabbed my camera to catch this craftiness (I shouldn't be proud, but I just can't help it) she defiantly bit a power chord as if to say, "Nanny nanny boo boo, look what I can do."

As soon as I took three photos she was off hopping around the apartment exploring it as if for the first time. Guess it's time to invest in a new toddler gate.