Norbert is in the ICU

Alas, poor Norbet's hard drive is failing and will need a transplant. If they have an 80 gig drive for a 12" powerbook in stock, then I should have Norbert by next Tuesday. If not, I'll be seeing him when I get back from Atlanta the following week. The upside of the whole situation is that I have the Apple Care Protection plan so I don't have to pay for any of it--whoot.

There were signs this was coming. Last week all my playlists in iTunes disappeared. The music was still there thank goodness, but completely unorganized. The Mac Genius who was helping me was looking over iTunes and then said aloud with a surprised look, "William Shatner?"

"Look," I said defensively, "I know you're thinking Transformed Man sucked, but I'm telling you, Has Been is genius. His cover of Common People rocks."

"I'll take your word for it." he said.

Apart from the Shatner mockery he was a nice boy. I guess it's better he mock me for my music as opposed to telling me I have a problem that is either impossible to fix or super expensive.

Non Birding Bill has generously offered me the use of his 18" powerbook, but it's so big. Plus, it doesn't have all my passwords memorized, how can I remember all those things?