Sending in Norbert

I'm not sure what today will bring. I've been having some problems with my powerbook (named Norbert). Non Birding Bill has done just about everything remotely possible. The problem has been on and off the last four months and the basic problem is that the computer is very slow to wake from sleep or just freezes altogether.

Of course, when is a good time to take in a computer to be checked out--especially if there is a possibility that it has to be sent elsewhere and could be gone for a week to ten days. I finally got around to making an appointment today to get the old boy checked out. I asked vainly if they had a loner 12 inch powerbook but no such luck. I don't understand that you can get loaner cars for repair or even rentals. Since so many of us use computers/laptops for work, why not have a loaner or a rental?

Here's hoping this is an easy fix and I will have some cheery posts this afternoon.

On another note, I bought a treat for Cinnamon the other day that is some type of large crunchy ball. I bought one for her once long age that was red and was supposedly and apple flavored chew toy. Cinnamon loved it and devoured the whole thing before the day was done. I decided to get her another one. The store was out of red, but had yellow balls. I was about to give her the treat when I read the package. It was called Cheese Bun. Cheese Bun? Since when is cheese good for rabbits. I turned the package over to read the ingredients and guess what the first ingredient is? That's right, cheese! I read to see what type of animal this was meant for--rabbits.

Am I crazy? When did rabbits start eating cheese?