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I'm not regretting my previous post. It's been a good eight hours and I'm still okay with it.


I've been trying to analyze what set me off with this article. Was the smug photo? Was it the blatant disregard for the legalities of the situation? Was it that it was a cardinal? Was it because it was another stupid article in the mainstream media that was inaccurate about birds--was I blowing off steam? Was it hope that US Fish and Wildlife would actually use the Migratory Species Act to fine someone?


I think it's frustration. Frustration that we can't design cell phone towers and windows in a way that is good for humans and safe for birds. Frustration with a growing apathy, a sense that there is nothing we can do, the problem is too big. What we need are all those budding architects, designers, engineers, ANYONE out there to pioneer designs that are safe for birds and economical. I don't even begin to know how to understand how this can be done but we need it.


So, all of you out there with kids and see any of them with any interest in those fields, please plant the seed now so we can use those growing brains to help birds. You don't have to be an ornithologist, author, blogger, bander, head of a large conservation organization, etc to help birds. You can be anyone with a great idea for design. We need you. We need you to help prevent this kind of thing from happening.