Warning: I'm Blogging Angry

I'm breaking my rule of blogging angry. I try hard to wait 24 hours before flying off the handle but I just can't with this article that a reader passed my way. Chances are good when I calm down this entry will disappear.

Here is a crap article in Newsweek about some woman who thinks she's cute because she knowingly and purposely broke the law and shot a Northern Cardinal because it was flying into her windows. The tactics she listed that she claimed she tried before shooting it were all wrong. Why didn't she cover the windows for a month with a sheet or better yet pay attention to where it was nesting and remove the nesting area after the chicks fledged?

A few things about me:

1. I am NOT anti gun or anti hunting--I eat meat, I'm pro falconry and I hit up every pheasant and grouse hunter I know to see if they have surplus of birds. I'm not angry that this woman used a gun--more power to ethical hunters.

2. I am anti poaching and that is what this is plain and simple and she is making a bad example of responsible gun owners and hunters.

Being a blogger my inclination is that we flood Newsweek with protests which will be meaningless because they will just give the "thanks for your opinion" with the satisfaction of knowing a controversial story is getting lots of hits. Instead, let's turn in the writer, Walda Cameron to Turn in Poachers. She has blatantly broken the law according the Migratory Bird Treaty and is bragging about it, and also setting a bad example of how to illegally deal with wildlife.

The article says that she lives in Goshen, New York and the toll free number is 1-800-TIPP DEC or 1-800-847-7332 or if you go to the TIP website you can submit the violation via email, all you have to do is copy and paste the article--it even has a photo of her to show authorities, how helpful! I already phoned. I told the very nice man on the other end of the line to expect more calls and he chuckled and said, "I wouldn't be surprised."