I Love My Friends

The Internet is fantastic if for no other reason the ability to communicate with friends from all over the planet. I love the people that I know from all over. Today was a great example. At about 4:30pm, I got call from my friend Clay Taylor because his flight back home to Rhode Island got rerouted to the Twin Cities because of the snow storm. He wanted to know if I was up for some company. I had dinner with him (which included a FANTASTIC turnip and apple soup at the Mall of America), made it in just enough time to see Non Birding Bill in Cyrano and top off the evening with a little late night sushi.

Oddly enough, I'm coming to Connecticut this weekend and will see Clay. After I dropped him off at his hotel I got to say, "I'll see you in a couple of days." I rarely get to say that to my friends on the road.

I came home tonight and found an odd little announcement in the Bird Jobs email. Normally it's a great resource for fun volunteer trips, or jobs to monitor birds or nests, do some banding--very much field biology. Today a bird feeding job of sorts showed up:


Our client is a $6+ billion international company located near Columbus, OH. They’ve created a new position with the goal of raising the bar in wild bird food R&D by using scientific methodology for product development and innovation. This position will require a scientist with flexible skills and abilities, sound knowledge of bird nutrition and husbandry and wildlife conservation. This scientist will be involved with the development of research programs to significantly improve current bird food and bird feeding products and will work with University and external experts such as the Ornithological Societies of North America. He/she will work with a dynamic multi-functional team to translate technical outcomes into successful product development.

REQUIREMENTS: BS or MS in biology, environmental science, wildlife conservation/management or related field; sound understanding of and experience in the scientific method and research design; several years of experience working with birds as a scientist, ornithologist, zookeeper or enthusiast.

TO APPLY, e-mail cover letter and CV to CRYSTAL M. TINUCCI, Kelly Scientific/SMI (EM: tinuccm AT kellyservices.com, PH: 312-346-7404). Please respond ASAP for immediate consideration.

I'm curious about this. Feeding birds in a zoo or aviary situation is very different than feeding wild birds. I'm curious as to what this is all about.