Raptor Force--Must See TV!!

Yo, Non Birding Bill, I'll need you to record something for me this Sunday, February 18th on PBS when I'm out of town! The show Nature on PBS is presenting Raptor Force, showcasing bird of prey flight ability. Looks pretty darned sweet. Raptor Resource Project (go Neil!) was heavily involved in the making the program. I found a preview and some scenes up on YouTube to tempt your appetite. I can't watch these without doing the Homer Simpson donut sound. Haaaaaaaaaah.

Here is the preview (it's about 30 seconds long):

Here is a scene with a peregrine falcon going after some prey with a camera attached to it. It's really sweet. I wish I could hunt like that, zipping through the air over 200 mph and killing larger birds with my toes. This scene is about two minutes long:

I believe this is must see tv this Sunday.