Interesting Links

I have been having such a great time watching the live video great horned owl cam I haven't been paying much attention to the Valmont Owl Cam. Fortunately, Bill Schmoker has and he captured some interesting screen shots last week when one of the owls came back with a surprising prey item. I like how the owl cached it for a bit and all you can see it the foot in the bottom of the camera view finder. Har.

Speaking of owls, I was sent this link of a young barred owl getting repeatedly nailed by what looks like blue-gray gnatcatchers. I know I was sent this a few months ago but can't remember if posted it. Either way, it's worth a look see.

And while we are on the subject of raptors, Diva Kitty sent a link to a blog where a hawk got a mourning dove. The blog identifies the hawk as a sharp-shinned, but it's actually a Cooper's hawk (note the flat head, dark cap and the fact that it is much larger than its quarry). The blogger got some sweet shots. It's pretty amazing, she got the dove through a caged tray. I didn't know mourning doves could fit through those and am amazed by the hawk's ability to get quarry in extreme circumstances.

And finally, I was so overwhelmed with the glamour of birding that I forgot to mention that the latest installment I and the Bird is up. For newer blog readers, I and the Bird is a bi-weekly compilation of bird related blog entries. It's great way to find other birding related blogs out there.

I think I'm caught up...