Snow Bunny

Minnesota weather forecasters have been predicting a big snow all week long, and they were correct. It basically it snowed all weekend long, most of it coming Saturday night. I took care to load up the feeder before the sun set thinking that our flying squirrel activity at night would keep the ledge fairly snow free. I put out the Droll Yankee X-1 Seed Saver thinking that the cover would keep the seed from getting buried in snow. However, an angrily chipping cardinal at dawn alerted me that the plan did not work, the snow still managed to cover all the seed on the tray as well as the seed on the ledge.

"What the heck is all this crap anyway?"

Blog reader Nancy W. worried that my living in an apartment may not show how much snow we got in the Twin Cities so she kindly sent a photo of her back door this morning. We got about a foot in the metro area but south of us in Winona, MN they got two feet. Thanks, Nancy!

I still think you could get an idea how bad the roads were. Here was a car that got a little stuck and a little turned around below our apartment. Fortunately for the driver there were some guys with snow shovels roaming the neighborhoods looking for people to help out--seriously, they were just walking around with shovels looking for people to help out out of the snow. That's one of the many reasons I love living here, during a snow emergency it's a given that you will help people stuck in snow and ice and if you get stuck, someone will be by to help you too.

The city started plowing all the allies on Sunday, and a bulldozer was needed to move it out of the way. Yar!

Friday night we had to do our usual grocery shopping, it didn't occur to us that people would be loading up before the storm hit. Usually people are fairly low key about a snow storm in Minnesota and there isn't a run on food staples. Non Birding Bill and I always joke that where we grew up (Indiana for me, Ohio for him) that anytime there was any snow people would go out and load up on milk, bread and eggs. For some reason there was a freak out in our local grocery store and the milk and bread section was obliterated. Also, since we live in an eclectic little neighborhood other staples were missing: soy sauce, flour tortillas and soy milk. You can see photos of it at NBB's Blog.

"Okay, enough of this nonsense, let's go back inside. Bunny rights!"

We took Cinnamon out for few minutes for a hop in the snow. We had to dig out our car so we thought we would use some of our bunny's mad diggin' skills to help. She wasn't so interested in helping but did like to explore some of the larger mounds of snow.