It's Official: Birding Is Glamorous!

"I'd like to thank the academy and SonicWALL for this designation of Glamour/Society!"

SonicWALL has sent me (and many readers) an announcement regarding a change of their original designation for this site:

The request has been reviewed and rated as: "41.Glamour/Society"

Glamour? How did they come up with that assessment? This even tops when someone from the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society said I was tasteful!

Does this mean that I have attained my goal of showing the world that you can be a birder without being a geek? I'm glad that despite the photo of me in chest waders, the photos of maggots in an eagle ear, the ugly pelican chicks, the rat guts, and quail guts that this site is STILL considered glamorous! I'm a bit baffled about the "society" part.

Is it because I kick it with celebrities like Sinbad (above)? Let's not forget that I've met Donny Osmond, Phil Donahue, and a film crew from the Colbert Report.

Maybe, it's because I like to dress up when I go to the grocery store? Like the time Maddy, Mr. Neil, and I made a stop for a last minute late night supper?

Perhaps it's my ability to accessorize with any raptor at a moments notice?

Is it the hip, travelin' lifestyle that Non Birding Bill and I have adopted?

Is it Cinnamon and her high standards? She does have a book deal...

Or maybe, it is just the birds:

Yeah, I think it's the birds.