Crane Cam is Back!

The National Geographic live Crane Cam at Rowe Sanctuary in Nebraska is up and running. I love listening to this at dawn and dusk, crane music is the best back ground noise.

I'll be off to Nebraska with Stan Tekiela later this month as we lead a field trip to Kearney, NE to see thousands upon thousands of sandhill cranes as well as prairie chickens, western meadowlarks (they'll be singing by then) and oodles of waterfowl. We leave Thursday morning, March 22 and return Sunday evening March 25. There's still some space left if you want to go. Call Eden Prairie Outdoor Center 952-949-8479 for details and pricing.

And really, if you don't go this year or go with me, you should plan a trip out to Nebraska in March at some point in your life. It is one of the truly awesome bird/wildlife spectacles that happens in the United States. Watching 40,000 cranes at dawn or dusk that are sometimes mixed in with a million or so snow geese is truly a spiritual experience. So much so for me, I was moved to get a crane tattooed on my back (just one, not forty thousand).