Showcase Minnesota March 5, 2007

February was (pet) bird month (and rabbit month and bird feeding month and etc). The producers of Showcase Minnesota asked that I talk about some resources for pet birds. These are handy in case you find a pet bird at my feeder. I personally have had three parakeets and two cockatiels show up in all the years I've been feeding birds. The few I was able to get indoors were great pets.

Here are the groups that I talked about today on KARE 11's Showcase Minnesota.

Parrot Adoption Education Program, 763-780-3377
founded in 2000, takes in unwanted companion birds, fosters them and
helps find new adoption homes. With about 15 foster homes, and many
other volunteers, we took in 86 birds and placed 68 just last year. We
host open houses, provide counseling and bird behavior tips, and present
bird care seminars with national speakers.
The Soaring Spirit in Plymouth is an Avian Warehouse, selling toys, food
and for our companion birds, and offering boarding for them. 763-546-2100

MN Companion Bird Association
, the largest and oldest pet bird club in MN,
has monthly meetings with local and national speakers and community

Midwest Avian Adoption and Rescue Services or MAARS will help rescue pet birds on the loose outdoors and help with adoption. If you are considering getting a pet bird, looking at this site is a MUST. Birds are not easy pets and are long term. We're talking 20 - 80 years depending on the species. Most birds have the emotional and mental capacity of a two year old child. Do you want to live with a two year old for a few decades? Think about it.

If you have any questions about pet birds, please contact the organizations above.